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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mac 2010 Cuppies Marathon ♥

Peace be upon u..

haa..entry kali ni khas untuk suma cuppy job yg ada untuk bulan Mac..
x jg la ok2 la...hee...=)1st job untuk kids birthday..i've made baby cuppy as per requested by Nining..untuk anak buah katanya...dgn menggunakan lukisan muka d atas cuppy, i hope kanak2 tu suma akn terhibur sambil makan my cuppy...hee...~

Then..a few days after...i made cuppy ordered by daling Baybie..utk org tersayang and her beloved choosing orange color as a it goes...

Job ke-3 untuk bulan Mac..buat cuppy untuk hantaran org bertunang...sori la..cuz gmbar ada sedikit blur..lantaran menggunakan camera hp yg x seberapa..huhuu...tgu la ya..untung byk sket baru bli camera mahal...hohoho...

Last but not least..which i can say it as my big cuppy project so far...hee...suri kena wat cuppy untuk wedding for one of my FB frens....hee..Norfitriani..i hope it's not too late to wish u "Selamat Pengantin Baru"..semoga bahagia hingga akhir hayat...♥

Fitri order Choco Cuppy with Red and White theme..such a luvly..
Biasanya..when i do cuppy job..i'll do it alone..all by myself..but for this job..i got a very special assistant..huhu...Thanks to my dearest fiance...who help me up to put the buttercream on gals out there...believe it or not..u can do long as u have passion on it..hee... it Tier Wedding Cupcakes..


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