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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Peace be upon u..

Hi all...masa father's day hari tu..
sy bukan sj wat cupcakes for customer..
but i've baked sumthing special for my beloved man..
uwee..~ untuk mr.husband yang for the 1st time celebrate father's day..=)

sy wat kek yg simple2 jak..
Yam Chocolate Cake...=) kinda nice jg la..
boleh la d terima tekak..hehee..~

Jom tengok rupa bentuknya... ;)

simple jak kn..??
ok la bg seorang pembuat kek yg amatur..

heart them both so much!!
Alisha & Daddy.. 

ha...yg ni standard la..
tester 1 a.k.a pengacau..
dan ini tester 2..
tukang kacau juga tp yg atas td lbi extreme..

and d day after father's day is my mum befday..
happy befday mummy! 
semoga di panjangkn umur dan d murahkn rezeki..
and for that, i've bought a cake for her..
sorry i can't bake a special one for u..
tp my mum pun muak sda cium bau kek or kapkek..

here's d cake...

 ok dat's for now..
for my beloved husband..
thanks for being a man in our family..
a husband of mine..
and a dad to our beloved daughter..
wish happiness will always around us..
"Happy father's day"


Famos Amos!