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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aqiqah for Baby Shah Putra!


Hi all..
i'm back to bake...=)

Actually this baking job was done a day before we went for our holiday..
sempat lagi bertungkus lumus tau..
Honestly..I'm super duper exhausted on the time..
We just back from Tawau on Sunday..
Then I start baking on Monday...
Finish deco at 12midnite...
Fewww~ alhamdulillah..
it turns well....nasib baik....=)

Ok, talk less..
Ordered by Keela for her newborn baby boy's aqiqah..
She requested for cuppies and muffins...

Jom see the works...

Muhammad Shah Putra..
nice name baby..

Hope u satisfied wif the outcome Keela..
thanks for ordering...


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