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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are u chinese?

Peace be upon u...

Am I Chinese? hmm..not really huuhu..=)
But this time i need to do some chinese caligraphy on cuppies..
kinda interesting..hee..i luv it...♥
it's not really hard ekceli to do chinese caligraphy..
as long as u have a direction on how to do it..
Simple and easy..that's wut i can say...=)
tp..chinese khat sy yg biasa2 saja..hee...masi bleh di fahami mungkin..=)

Ordered made by Kenet - my officemate..hee..~ u old oredy bro...huuu~
At first..he want me to make a "jongkong emas" hahaha...~ for a gud fortune i guess...
but seriously i will not look like "jongkong emas" but it's more to "sampan" "jongkong emas" was canceled!..tukar jadi bamboo..panda bamboo...hoho~

Peaceful ♥ Longevity ♥ Luck
Prosperity ♥ Life ♥ Love

Wish u a very best of luck in everything u do!!
Happy befday kenny junior!!hahaha...

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