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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Faris is 2!! =)

Peace be upon u..

Last week was a busy week for me..a lotsa order to complete..hee..sampai bingung jadinya...huuu...=)

Ordered made by Zyla a.k.a Putry Kayangan via FB..thanks dear for giving me a trust on this job...but! i made a mistake!! wrong coloring on cuppies..! aduiii...macam mana la bleh jadi...i also dunno...bingung deh! i'm so sorry dear....terasa amat bersalah skali bila membuat kesilapan macam ni..trus lari tema...=) sepatutnya zyla order kaler purple..but when the time, i do deco job i was using blue color instead of purple...hmm...=(

Inilah hasil cuppies yg tersilap color tuh...Zyla ordered Edible Image + own deco...

 Happy Befday Baby Faris ♥

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