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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fly Fly my Apampies....♥


Ha...bukan fly fly my butterfly ya... kali ni apam terbang jauh..
bukan lagi dia da advance...ihikk..=)

This time I've received order from a party planner..
sumwhere from Subang Jaya..
haa...jauh tak jauh tu...=p
first time nih nak deliver apam camni jauh..
risau juga la if apam sampai nanti tak rupa apam..
tp syukur alhamdulillah..everything is in a good condition..

Actually order was done last week..=)
jom tgok pix yg sempat sy snap...

i'm kinda excited u noe..

 packing kena baek punya...
takot rosak wo0oo...

Fly Fly the apampies......=)
If u wanna know..
Howaboutparty Jaja is a party planner..
their work on party decorations..
the ideas sgt awesome okeh..
bleh usha blog mereka kat sini Howaboutparty Jaja
manalah tau ada reader yang sesat baca entry sy ni kan..

*pix taken from Jaja's FB*
thanks dear for ordering from Suri's Cupcakes

till then....wassalam..♥

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